Who we are ?

StarBalkans is a non-profit organization focused on building strong education and capacity building in the Western Balkans. With headquarters in Tirana, StarBalkans has the scope of its activities throughout Albania and several countries in the region.


Mission and Focus of StarBalkans:

The main mission of StarBalkans is to promote education and skills development among young people and teachers. Focusing on teacher training, organizing innovative programs for young people, as well as implementing international education projects, StarBalkans aims to contribute to raising educational standards and sharing knowledge in the region.


Commitment to International Programs:

StarBalkans is always looking for opportunities to include international programs and projects that have the potential to have a positive impact on the Albanian education system and the region. Through active participation in international programs, the organization aims to pave the way for knowledge exchange and common progress in the field of education.


Innovation and Skills Development:

StarBalkans is a leader in the field of educational innovation and skill development. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the organization is developing advanced training programs and online learning platforms to address the diverse needs of its participants.


Beyond Borders:

With the vision of extending its influence beyond the borders of Albania, StarBalkans has a deep commitment to contribute to the strengthening of education and development of the Western Balkans region. Through strategic partnerships and international collaborations, the organization aims to create a rich educational environment for all its participants.


StarBalkans – Global Vision, Local Impact