Student ConnectingStar Balkans Connect students all over the Balkan
Invidual Trainings and ConsultionOur Organization offers different Training and Career Consulting to our Students
CompetitionsOur Organization offers International Competitions and Pricing in different life areas.
International InternshipsOur Organization is in Partnership with most well-know International Organizations and Patents.

Who we are?

StarBalkans is non profit organization with headquarters in Tirana, Albania and with an activity in western Balkan Countries.
StarBalkans has born as a necessity to create and give opportunities to young people in the region.

Selected Activities of our Organization

Following are some of our Activities since we started.

Very Thankful to all Contributors and Volunteers.


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InnovationEmbracing creativity and new technologies to transform educational practices and learning experiences.
ExcellenceCommitting to the highest standards in educational programs, ensuring quality and impactful learning outcomes for all participants.
EmpowermentProviding resources and opportunities that empower students and educators to reach their full potential and make meaningful contributions to society.
CollaborationFostering a culture of teamwork and partnership among students, educators, institutions, and communities to achieve shared goals.
InclusivityEnsuring equal access to educational opportunities for a diverse community of learners, regardless of background or circumstance.
SustainabilityPromoting sustainable practices within the educational sector and incorporating sustainability into curricula to prepare learners for the challenges of the future.

Global Vision, Local Impact

Our Organization with Slogan Global Vision, Local Impact is focused on:

  • Building bridges for a better future.
  • Creating an environment full of opportunities for young people in Albania and the Balkans.

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Organized Activities


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International Partners

Our Staff

Our Organization is made up of a professional staff with a long experience in different fields.

Musa Coha

General Manager

Adi Muja

Legal Manager

Dunja Pavlovic

Program manager

Staff Member

Finance and Accounting Manager

Staff Member

IT Support

Staff Member

Board Member

Our Partners

Here are some of our most valuable partners

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Our Programs

Our Focus is on developing, integrating and training young people around Balkan in Partnership with International Integration Programms.


Math Withour Borders

  • “Math Without Borders” is the first Olympiad that StarBalkans has held, on 28.10.2023. This international Olympiad was held for the first time in Albania, including the entire region. All interested students from the age of 7 to 18 participated.
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English Language Competition

  • This Olympiad was held on January 27, 2024 at 10:00 AM, in collaboration with the prestigious platform MASA for International Exams (MIE).Thanks to the work and dedication of StarBalkans, the MASA for International Exams (MIE) platform has created English Language Competition tests exclusively for Albanian students. All interested students from the age of 7 to 18 participated in this competition.

Our Focus

Our Focus is Creating opportunities for youth in Albania and western Balkan countries and building bridges for a better future.

Development - (90%)
Trainings - (80%)
Integration - (95%)
Internships - (90%)

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