“Math Without Borders” is the first Olympiad that StarBalkans has held, on 28.10.2023. This international Olympiad was held for the first time in Albania, including the entire region. All interested students from the age of 7 to 18 participated.

 Held at 10:00 AM, the participants in this Olympiad were divided into 9 relevant groups:

Group 1 – students born in 2016

Group 2 – students born in 2015

Group 3 – students born in 2014

Group 4 – students born in 2013

Group 5 – students born in 2012

Group 6 – students born in 2011

Group 7 – students born in 2010

Group 8 – students born in 2009

Group 9 – students born in 2008 or earlier (students aged 15-18).

The participants of each class, from all schools, are ranked by points from the highest to the lowest amount.

5% of the participants from each class who received the highest number of points were awarded with a certificate and a gold medal. 10% were awarded a certificate and a silver medal, and another 15% were awarded a certificate and a bronze medal.

All participants who did not win medals were provided with a certificate of participation.